is james charles ecstaticfans are confused about his latest tiktok 92223 - Is James Charles ecstatic?Fans are confused about his latest TikTok
October 2, 2021

Is James Charles ecstatic?Fans are confused about his latest TikTok

Amber Peak January 19, 2022

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Is James Charles ecstatic? This week, the beauty YouTuber confused some fans on TikTok after posting a euphoric-themed video.


With the release of the second season of the HBO show, euphoria-related content has taken over social media as fans celebrate its return. Influencer James Charles joined the hype this week as he shared TikTok videos related to the hit show.

However, James Charles’ post appeared to confuse some fans who thought he might be on the show. We explore the latest posts from YouTubers.

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James Charles’ latest TikTok video confuses fans

On the popular video-sharing platform on Tuesday (January 18), James Charles posted a video featuring the trending phrase “why aren’t you in uniform” as he went from comfortable clothes to excited looks.

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The video also contains this text: “When you’re out and about, you’ll remember you’re in Euphoria S2.”

The post seemed to confuse some fans with comments about whether the YouTuber would appear on the HBO show. One fan wrote: “Omg, are you ecstatic?” A second added: “More reasons to watch Euphoria.”

While some weren’t sure what TikTok meant, others in the comments were quick to say the video was part of a trend as they linked it to other posts under the same audio.

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Is James Charles ecstatic?

YouTuber doesn’t rate Euphoria well database As such, his latest video seems to be about a trend rather than a possible feature on the show.

“Why aren’t you in uniform” sound byte originated from an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants and added to TikTok as audio February 2020.

Similar to James’ video, the user who recorded the post on soundbyte walked into the camera in casual attire, said in a voice, “Why aren’t you in uniform?” and stepped out, returning with a more groomed look.

Trending after Euphoria’s second season evolved Some associate it with the style, look and fashion worn by characters on HBO shows.

The YouTuber is clearly a fan of the series, as it’s not the only euphoria-related trend he’s engaged in on TikTok.exist 2020he created an inspired makeup look that topped Euphoria’s hashtag with 5.8 million likes more than a year later:

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Cameo by YouTuber NikkieTutorials

In addition to the confusion surrounding James Charles’ latest TikTok, other beauty influencer and YouTuber Nikkie de Jager, better known as NikkieTutorials, is featured in the series through one of her video.

In the second episode of season 2, Euphoria character Kat watched a video of Nikkie’s makeup. As her feature created a stir among fans, the YouTuber talked about it with her 4.7 million followers on TikTok:

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