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November 27, 2021

Laurie Segall CNN, resume, wiki, age, podcast, salary and net worth


Laurie Siegel Bio | Wiki

Laurie Segall is an award-winning American journalist who currently serves as executive producer and co-founder of Dot Dot Dot Media. She joined the team in December 2019. Laurie is known for interviewing high-profile tech leaders like Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg.

Before joining Dot Dot Dot Media, she was a senior technical editor and reporter at CNN. Laurie also hosts and develops an investigative documentary series, mostly humans, that explores the impact of technology on love, death and sexuality.


Laurie Siegel age

She was born on August 18, 1985 in Michigan, USA.Laurie is 35 years old.

Laurie Siegel height

She is a woman of above average stature.Laurie stands at the height 5 feet 10 inches (about 1.78 meters).

Laurie Siegel's photoLaurie’s photo

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Laurie Siegel Family | Father

Her parents were born in Michigan, USA. Laurie grew up with her siblings. In addition, she is a white American and also holds American citizenship.

However, she didn’t reveal much about her family. Therefore, we do not hold their information, such as their name, age or occupation.

Laurie Siegel Husband | Brian Bodenick

She is an engaged woman. Laurie was happily in love with the love of her life, Brian Bodenick. He is a tech entrepreneur and founder of Diner Labs. The couple started dating in April 2013 and moved in together in March 2016.

Laurie Siegel Children

Our resources could not find any information about her child. However, this part is still under review and will be updated as soon as we have the information.

Laurie Siegel Education

She went to a local high school. Later, Laurie continued his studies at the University of Michigan, earning a bachelor’s degree in political science.

Laurie Siegel CNN

She is a contributing editor and senior technology reporter for CNN. Here, Lowry interviews several of the world’s most influential leaders and entrepreneurs, such as Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg.

Her groundbreaking exposure to these tech giants allows her to show audiences the behind-the-scenes stories of companies like Instagram, Twitter, Uber, and Facebook.

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Laurie Segall Mr Robot | Mostly Human

She is the host of a series, Mr. Robot, on CNN about the purpose and development of technology.

Mostly Human is a series of programs based on simple concepts that we are beta testing. Laurie acts as the host of the show, telling the story to the audience.

Laurie Siegel Podcast

She hosts an online podcast called First Contact. Laurie’s podcast focuses on technology and the people who are changing the nature of humanity. The program features interviews with some of the biggest names in technology.

She’s built a decade of credibility and trust in Silicon Valley, and currently gives audiences an excellent access to the behind-the-scenes world she only knows.

Laurie’s salary

As executive producer and co-founder of Dot Dot Dot Media, she earns monthly income.Laurie’s average salary is $75,985.

Laurie’s Net Worth

Over the years, she has accumulated good fortune through her journalism career.Online sources estimate Laurie’s net worth at $856,398.

How old is Laurie Siegel

35 years old. Thus, she was born on August 18, 1985 in Michigan, USA.

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