August 5, 2021

If your business has a few locations in the Philadelphia area, then it should (hopefully) be obvious just why and how a Philadelphia SEO company can help improve your ranking for competitive keywords, enabling your listing to show up in search results and driving new traffic and leads to your store.

That’s the obvious part. As it turns out, a Philadelphia SEO specialist isn’t just useful to businesses in local markets. Wherever you are in the country, the expertise of a local specialist – even one across the county in Philadelphia – can be of great value to you.

  1. Optimize local listings, show up in more local searches

If you do happen to be operating a physical storefront in one (or a few) locations, then one of the most important initiatives you can take is to optimize your local business listings, like Google My Business. Let’s be fair – it’s 2021, and billboards and phone book ads might still be generating a few leads here and there, but the vast, vast majority of leads are generated digitally.

Think about it from your own perspective. When you need to find a new restaurant in your neighborhood, or even a mechanic, what do you do? Check the phonebook? The classifieds? No – you take out your phone and type in, “[your query here] near me.” That makes you and everyone else.

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Your customers are doing the same, and a dedicated Philadelphia SEO company can optimize your local listings so you dominate those search results.

  1. Drive traffic to your physical venue or your website – or both

A dedicated local SEO company, even if they are not local to you, is still versed in the strategies required to optimize local listings so that your business will show up in local search queries. That’s the fluid thing about the internet in general and in local digital marketing strategies in particular – they vary from place to place.

Sure, nationwide, some search times might seem reasonable to target, but when you break down the market by locality, you might find that national strategies will fall down flat. How can it help your shop if your listings are showing up in results 1,000 miles away?

The point is that a dedicated local SEO company can help your business rank more favorably, thereby leading to increased foot traffic to your physical storefront, a higher volume of organic traffic to your eCommerce website, or, of course, both.

  1. They’re in touch with local developments.

Guess what affects local search queries and search intent – local developments. A local SEO provider – like one in Philadelphia – will keep in touch with news, developments and changes in the market, before assessing the fallout and rolling it into their overall digital marketing strategy for your business. You can’t expect the same from a provider that doesn’t intimately understand your area.

  1. Never overlook the small stuff
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Local or not, a dedicated SEO company knows the ins and outs of search engine optimization, from duplicate content removal and on-site content publication, to technical SEO developments and offsite link-building strategies.

It may be said all too often by SEO professionals, but SEO is, proverbially, “more complex than that.” There are tons and tons of moving parts that change almost monthly, and over 200 ranking signals to account for. An SEO specialist can manage them all, but most business owners are far too busy to take it on themselves.

  1. A true digital marketing expert can leverage national trends for expanded reach

Another benefit of working with a Philadelphia SEO agency is that, despite the fact that the team might be composed of local experts, those that eat, sleep and breathe digital marketing never pigeonhole themselves. That is, they develop in-depth, local expertise, but never at the expense of the greater picture.

Simply put, even a dedicated local provider can build out a national digital marketing plan for you that transcends local boundaries.

  1. Competition is growing, and organic ranking increases are sustainable

Philadelphia in general, and more specifically, the greater Philadelphia area, are experiencing a boom at the present time. Industries like agriculture, though still strong, are making way for warehousing, distribution and additional industries, and all of that creates jobs.

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Jobs equate to growth and mobility, and all of a sudden there’s a lot of competition in an area where there was once little. Search engine optimization is one of the most sustainable and, when implemented expertly, cost-effective solutions for generating additional leads and revenue, especially in a market with stuff competition. And, unlike other forms of advertising, it’s easy to scale with SEO.

  1. It’s never just about SEO – get creative with digital marketing

One more thing about SEO is that, while it’s effective for generating higher organic traffic figures, leads, and hopefully, sales and conversions, a holistic approach to digital marketing is never one dimensional.

If you are serious about customer outreach, engagement and spreading brand awareness, then your approach to digital marketing should include a paid search strategy to take advantage of PPC, as well as components accounting for content marketing, email marketing and social media marketing and management. A qualified Philadelphia SEO company should be able to provide you with solutions for all of those.

  1. Get in on the ground floor; start as early as you can

Finally, and most importantly, now is the time to start. Whether you work with a local SEO provider to give a boost to your local listings, need the help of an accomplished team of experts to implement a truly nationwide campaign targeting scores if not hundreds of keywords, or simply a strategic marketing partners that sees the bigger picture and unites your SEO efforts with those of your other digital marketing campaigns, the time to start is now. Results in SEO take time to build, and there’s no time like the present to start.

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Whether you’re in Philadelphia or across the country, the best is the best, and there’s only room for one at the top. Visit 1Digital Agency’s website,, to learn about how you can put search engine optimization and other digital marketing activities to work for your business.

Get in touch with their specialists directly at 888-982-8269 or by email at [email protected] and they’ll be happy to help, whether you need a lean, performance driven local SEO campaign or the development of a custom app for your brand new BigCommerce storefront.

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