November 1, 2021


How to be professional these days, attract more clients and survive in the market? Of course, one of the important segments of branding your business is creating a website. Today with the rapid development of the internet it is almost impossible to imagine running a business without a website.

With it, we want to introduce potential customers to our business but also to conquer the market and grow together with it. This is actually the ultimate goal of all business people, from the very beginning. The more visits to the website, the greater the chance of profit.

However, when trying to take our website to a higher level, there are always some obstacles we have to deal with. How can we exceed stagnation or reduced visits to our website? One of the essential things we need to pay attention to is web hosting. If the support for the growth of your site is not good enough, you will have problems. This means that the demand for a successful hosting provider is something you must put under a must-have. You may already have one, but if you are not happy with its results, it means that something is wrong and that you are ready for a change. In the following text we will reveal to you what are the signs your business is ready to upgrade your hosting plan.

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1. Slow speed


Something that cannot be tolerated nowadays is waiting. Due to big crowds and waiting in line, more and more daily things are being transferred to the online system. But again, waiting and the slow opening of web pages is a big bummer. Has it ever occurred to you that you went to an e-shopping site and waited a few minutes for a page to load, which eventually made you turn off the page you wanted and look for another one? You must have encountered such a situation. Slow speed can not only turn down potential customers but it can jeopardize your reputation. With a poor page opening speed, you directly give an advantage to competitors where there is a possibility of losing revenue. The high speed of opening the pages of your website should be one of the priorities, which is why you may need a hosting plan upgrade.

2. Traffic spike

Sometimes the cause of slow speed can be an unexpected traffic spike. This means that at one point, your site is visited by more people than usual. As much as it sounds like a great thing, it can bring with it a number of problems such as the inability to open a page, downtime and ultimately lack of interest from customers. These situations are very common during the holidays, when a large number of people enjoy warm homes and have extra time to spend on the Internet. Just imagine how a slowdown of your website would affect a company’s brand. If you want to fix this problem, you can consider Dataplus as one of the hosting providers that can easily get you out of this situation.If you’re looking to create a WordPress site using Elementor, you can check out the website builder’s cloud hosting features.

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3. Lack of security


Always think ahead about your company’s security. Whether it’s a website or storing data in another way. If you are wondering if there is a way to be safe on the internet, quality hosting providers will give you the answer. Whether you are just at the beginning of the realization of a business plan, or you have been in the market for a long time, you are mistaken if you think that you will not be interesting to various hackers. In order to isolate yourself from various attacks, it is important that you consult with someone who can protect you and your data. Credit card data of clients, their private data are certainly something that would interest internet thieves, so you should always keep that in mind and be careful.

4. Insufficient data space

This step is very important for all those who have new ideas and are considering updating the data. Have you ever wanted to change the look of your site, insert a new offer, enrich your site with new high-resolution photos, but don’t have enough drive space to make all that come true? That means only one thing- you need a hosting upgrade plan. Without this upgrade, you will be able to make changes, but only minor ones, so that in the end you do not get the desired result. If you would like more drive space for data storing, you would have to pay extra for using it.

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5. Suspension


It can happen that your website works as usual, clients visit it, follow it, when suddenly out of nowhere there comes a suspension. You are in a panic and you don’t know what to do! What a nightmare! First of all, the reasons for the suspension are numerous, and some of them can be non-payment of bills, suspicious activity on your site, etc. In this case, you would suffer a great loss of money and time until you identify the problem and regain your website. If your hosting provider has not informed you about the possibility of this act, it is a sign that you need to upgrade it urgently.

6. Not mobile-welcoming?

You know that today people can’t imagine their lives without a smartphone in their hands. Its function of calling and sending messages has disappeared. Now it is more used to install various apps that can make our lives easier. This is why you need to make sure that your website can be loaded on phones without difficulty. Make sure photos and other contents are displayed clearly and quickly on your phone. In this way, you will be more interesting to your clients and you will be able to make the planned earnings.

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7. Bad customer support

Although you have had a website for years, thanks to the incredibly fast development of the Internet and technology, many novelties are appearing on the market. Many software and tools will be available to you, but you do not know how to use them. You may also face one type of problem for the first time, but you don’t know what your next steps should be. What to do at that moment? Who to call for help? The support hosting provider should be the one to help you in both cases. If your current support doesn’t give you enough information, consider upgrading. Time is money, and every innovative thing needs to be studied and embraced in more detail, if you want to compete in a cruel market.

Before looking at the costs and answering the question “what is the price of it”, try to see all the benefits and advantages that this upgrade can bring you. Answer various challenges in the right way. Let your site be an example of a successful business to all competitors.

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