August 11, 2021

The internet has evolved incredibly fast and how!

In 1995, the internet covered just 0.4% of the population while in 2021, it covers 66% of the world’s population. 

From 16 million users in 1995, there are over 5000 million internet users today.

With such a large number of internet users, e-commerce has also evolved in a great way.

2 billion people purchased products online in 2020 and e-commerce sales surpassed $4.2 trillion worldwide.

From one website in 1991 to over a billion websites in 2021, nobody can deny the fact that the internet is powerful and so is online sales through business websites.

A website is essential for businesses to sell their products and services online and to convey their brand message.

The website is a great channel of communication between the business owner and the customer. When a business owner decides to go online, it is the website that acts as a medium to display products, connect with customers and build trust.

It is then essential that your website is clear in communicating your brand identity to the audience.

The role of the web development company in building good websites cannot be neglected. For a website to be good, its creators have to be skilled and think ahead of the curve.  

How can a web development company help your new business to grow fast?

As important as a website is to your business, a web development company is to a website.

Choosing an expert web development company that has good experience in building websites for businesses, big and small, goes a long way in consistently growing your online presence.

A web development company has a crucial role to play to help new businesses establish their brand presence and get the sales going.

  1. Website conceptualization

The initiation of a new business to the online world starts at the website conceptualization stage itself. A good web development company understands the current requirement of the business but also its future goals.

A good understanding of the target audience and its demographics helps to lay the foundation of a strong presence through website design and development. Efficient web developers interact expansively with business owners to get a clear picture of the product and its future development.

When you have a website that is future-ready, you do not have to constantly worry about its expansion and scalability.

A website should always be conceptualized keeping future objectives in mind.     

2. Website design

User interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) go hand-in-hand in a website design. The interaction between a visitor and the website defines the user interface and it takes the user experience as a priority. 

A great website UI/UX encompasses the following features-

  • A clear website contributes to the ease of understanding and use.
  • A consistent interface creates ease for the user and removes confusion.
  • A direct website establishes clear visibility of the action taken by the users.
  • A good interface is able to reverse user mistakes easily.
  • Each visual element is pleasing and competes for the user’s attention.
  • The navigation and the menu are simple, clear and intuitive.
  • The typography, color and white spaces are in perfect harmony.

Expert UI designers create a functional and user-friendly interface that is optimized for conversions.

An expert web development company educates its customers about opportunities for website improvement rather than just completing its task. It helps you recognize new scope for your business growth.

3. Website development

Technology plays an important role in web development. The use of advanced technologies not only helps new businesses highlight their products on the website but also gives them an edge over their competitors.  

Using clean coding and the right tools in web development like the framework, necessary APIs and plugins make the website feature-rich. When you have skilled developers in hand, it adds value to the website development process thereby impacting the user experience.

Even in the process of web development, an experienced web development company will come up with suggestions and ideas that benefit the new businesses.

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4. Responsive websites

How will the website look if it is designed keeping only the laptop screen in mind? This design will not fit a mobile device screen and results in an incomplete user interface with no clear navigation or CTA.

Now, almost 57% of internet access takes place through mobiles. The mobile internet users take desirable action within one hour of visiting the website. You wouldn’t want to lose out on such a good business proposition, isn’t it? 

But, 94% of the visitors abandon a website if they encounter a bad user interface. Beware of web development companies that promise websites at cheap rates but fail to make your website design adjust itself to the user devices.  

Flexible and fluid web designs are those that adjust themselves on the user’s device size. These are responsive web designs. A good web development company will design responsive websites to help new businesses capture the mobile users’ segment from the internet.    

5. Scalable websites

If you are a new business, your website content and traffic is low. But as you grow, you keep adding new products and content to the website in the form of images and videos.

Similarly, your website sees increased traffic traction. If not properly planned, it hampers the website functioning resulting in slow loading pages.

And we all know how bad a slow-loading website is!

  • 40% of the visitors leave the website if it does not load in 3 seconds.   
  • Even a one-second delay in loading time may cost you a 7% decrease in conversions.
  • 52% of the visitors feel that a quick loading website helps to turn them into loyal customers.

You cannot risk losing millions of dollars in sales by hiring the services of a web development company that gives you a business website that is not scalable for the future. 

Scalability of a website refers to preparing your website for heavy workload situations without disrupting the end-users.

Good web development companies take scalability into account while developing websites for new businesses.   

6. Support & maintenance plan

The services of a good web development company are not just limited to design and development. Post-deployment support and service are also essential to new businesses to keep the website running continuously and consistently.

Any bug that may arise in the after-deployment stage has to be eliminated. Also, any technical queries from the new business owners have to be resolved.

New businesses have to set aside a clear budget for support services irrespective of how unnecessary it may seem. Having continuous support from web developers will ease the website maintenance issue and offer a seamless shopping experience to the users. 

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How can a web development company help your new business to grow fast? It is by building a website that becomes your brand identity!    

If you are a new business, get your website built from a web development company that partners with you to explore endless possibilities online.  

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