January 9, 2022

In May 2019, MicroBt launched its popular Whatsminer M20s. Considered to be the latest winning and successful reproduction of the previous Whatsminer M10 series models, the M20 series consisted of M20, M21, M21b, M20 and M21. All the miners are equipped with the 8nm chip from Samsung, which enables productivity and efficiency.


Shenzhen Bit Microelectronics Technology (also known as MicroBt)was founded in 2016. It is a main manufacturer of Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs). The company is interested in manufacturing and designing high-end 28nm /16nm/7nm functional chips and provides developments/support in blockchain technology, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

MicroBT holds independent ownership rights over its dedicated chips and adjuvant products. They are one of the largest ASIC miner manufacturing companies.

They launched their flagship product Whatsminer, a plug-and-play hardware bitcoin mining equipment. It allows end-users to immediately start mining coins on the SHA256 algorithm and join the digital currency gold rush. What made it popular is its ease of use, even for novice miners.


In all of the M20 series, this model has the highest hash rate. The power consumption ratio is 48 W / T. With a 3360 W power consumption, this is a bit high, which ultimately reduces profitability. It uses the SHA256 algorithm to work and can mine around 40 coins. However, the most profitable coins are Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

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It is equipped with a 16A 3 × 1.5mm power cord (Note: the power plug is specific to the 16A socket, the miner’s power plug is also only for the cord interface of 16 A power supply) and adopts a classic single tube design. It has a dimension of 130 x 220 x 390mm mm and a weight of 12.5 kg.

Fan and airflow

The vents are placed on the side of the control board and the power interface with a metal shield. The fans at the air outlets do not have a protective shield. Both Whatsminer M10 and M20 models adopt the almost same control boards with identical interfaces. M20s is equipped with a new power supply, P20-12-3350-V1, to provide DC 265A, 12V, and 12V, 12A output with a peak power consumption of 3360W.

It uses high-quality materials which shows that the manufacturers paid attention to detail. Its transformer utilizes the traditional dual voltage mode and for that Whatsminer is famous for and is split up and down. With two stages low pass, two PFCs allow voltage boost and two LLC cause voltage drop, LLC has higher voltage drop efficiency with less loss.

Power Supply

It also works with a programming interface to control the voltage. Although its two inductors and transformers have higher costs, they provide stable power. One of the 12V 1.5A cooling fans is located at the rear of the power supply for efficient heat emission through adequate ventilation. To prevent oxidation and moisture infiltration, use an exhaust air method. The power supply box is suitable for heat dissipation.

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It has 3- hash rate boards with aluminum heat sinks on both sides. The aluminum heat sink has high density, and the two heat sinks have 26 spring screws. The miner’s side temperature is 45.3, and the cooling fan bearing is 66.

Noise level

The noise from this device at about a meter away is 75dB which is pretty standard as most miners have a noise level of 60-80 dB. To better understand this, a sound level of 75 dB is equivalent to the sound emission of a vacuum cleaner. Whatsminer M20s are usually utilized for home mining as the noise level is optimal, however, mining farms are more suitable. Noise is expected due to the two fans set for cooling.


The Whatsminer M20 will take advantage of the electricity prices in your area and existing market conditions. When the market favors these coins, the miners get high profitability.


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