April 5, 2022

Where can Herringbone Luxury Vinyl  be fitted?
 Herringbone LVT  can be fitted in utmost areas of your home as it’s flexible, water-resistant and easy to clean. Still, it isn’t suitable for areas of your house where the temperature can exceed 27 °C, thus we recommend you do not lay Herringbone LVT in hot houses.


How does it compare to a herringbone wood bottom?

Compared to herringbone wood flooring, there are a range of both advantages and disadvantages. These can be a bigger factor depending on what room in the house you’re placing the flooring in, as well as how busy your home can get.


Advantages compared to Herringbone Wood Flooring

  • LVT Flooring is water resistant, which makes it perfect for areas similar to bathrooms and kitchens.


  • Luxury Vinyl are vastly cheaper when compared to real wood, this makes them more accessible due to its budget-friendly price label.


  • As one of the toughest flooring options out there, LVT flooring is a great option for busy family homes where there’s a lot of bottom business.


  • Unlike solid wood flooring, LVT is suitable for use with underfloor heating.


How to fit Herringbone LVT Tiles

  • This particular range of LVT flooring is cement down, which means an applicable glue is needed to lay this flooring.
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  • Before laying your Herringbone LVT flooring, we advise you to leave them in the room for 72 hours prior to installation.


  • This gives the flooring time to acclimate to the room’s temperature and moisture situations.


  • Make sure your subfloor is positioned and dry, this is to ensure your flooring is indeed, and has a solid face to be laid on.


  • When laying Herringbone Vinyl , place each pipe at a 90- degree angle, with the penstocks pointing towards the middle of the room and work your way from the centre outwards.


  • Be sure that you’re applying the glue to the subfloor and not the pipe itself. Also, be sure to Score and snap penstocks in order to cut them to size.


  • You also have the option to enhance the look of your flooring using point strips, which creates a border around your room or between individual planks.


  • While click LVT flooring fits together using a click- cinch system, cement down vinyl penstocks need to be stuck directly to the subfloor.


  • Click is naturally fitted as a floating bottom, and can be used with underlay.


  • Our Herringbone vinyl penstocks are cement down due to their distinct pattern, giving you further control over the design
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of your flooring.

Why choose herringbone vinyl penstocks?

  • LVT flooring, in general, is veritably durable and much further budget-friendly.


  • Our Herringbone LVT flooring has multitudinous salutary factors, which make them numerous people’s preference over real wood.


  • The average price of LVT is cost-effective and a fantastic volition to real wood.


  • Luxury vinyl penstocks are especially effective if you’re looking to lay flooring in your kitchen or restroom, as LVT has the fresh benefit of being water-resistant.


Herringbone LVT offers strength and water resistance. As well as this, the wide variety of colours can fit in nicely with any room in your home. This is a fantastic option if you’re looking for the appearance of rustic flooring, but wanting further functionality and benefits.


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