May 1, 2023

There is no better experience than living in a seaside home, and get the benefits of refreshing weather. But only the beach residents know how the inclement weather can ruin the experience with its frequent onslaught. Hurricanes, storms, tsunamis frequent sea shores and the buildings are very much vulnerable to their damaging effects. For the appeal a seaside residence offers, people look for solutions so that they can stay there for a long time. If you are someone who identifies yourself with them, here are some tips to choose the right windows and doors for a sea-facing home.

Choose the right material:

Windows and doors are affected most by their environment. Because of the salt water and high winds, the damage is higher with its closeness to the sea. You need to keep in mind all of these conditions while choosing the material for your windows and doors. It also determines their durability. Obviously, sturdy and tough materials like stainless steel, aluminum, bronze or copper are the ideal candidates. This brings us to the question, if wooden windows are good for sea-side homes at all. Wooden windows are most vulnerable to coastal weather. The coastal air causes salt deposits in wooden frames. Over a period of time they split the wood from within. The repeated drying out of the wood by UV rays will cause irreparable damage to the wooden structures.

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How to protect wooden windows?

First and foremost, keep in mind to choose the right kind of wood. Usually wooden windows made with hard wood are more resistant to the harsh coastal weather. Softwood windows are more suitable for inland weather. Seaside wooden windows, when exposed to sea spray or other damaging elements, easily loose the paint coat. In extreme cases the paint comes off within one or two years, even though you apply multiple coats. In such cases when hardwood wears off paint, would withstand the harsh damage caused by the coastal weather. Hardwood takes long to form the grains during its growth period and so they are tightly packed unlike softwoods which have larger air pockets between the grains.  By virtue of closely knitted layers, hardwoods provide greater durability and stability. Therefore, at least once a year, the homeowners should check their windows for peeling paint layers, chipping pieces of wood, etc. If you come across any signs of paint wearing off, you should get it repainted immediately.

Benefits of protecting wooden windows:

Irrespective of the location, taking good care of the house will only add value to the house, and generate good returns if you wish to sell it off in future. First impression always counts a lot and particularly buyers of sea-side properties. They buy sea-side home for leisure and recreation and so cannot afford to invest heavily in damaged properties. The exteriors are very crucial in creating the first impression and so it would be smart to invest in keeping up the condition of wooden windows and doors. Well maintained doors and windows give an appealing look to the home overall and thereby helping you get most of the money invested. Archway joinery in Bedford is one of the prominent joineries in the UK which makes premium windows and doors. Dive into their repository for more knowledge.

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