October 13, 2021

Those who want to use their cell phones on a GSM network and not sign up with a carrier can typically buy an unlocked version of their desired device directly from the manufacturer. For those who do not want to spend $600-700 on the phone, there is always the option of buying it online at an affordable price.

But, what can you do about Android? There are many people out there who would like to try Android, but maybe they don’t want to actually pay an arm and a leg for it, either. Then they can turn to used cell phone wholesalers and retailers.

What Should You Consider When Buying Used Phones with Android 12?

Many wholesalers recently received a batch of Android 12 cell phones for sale. These are used, unlocked phones that can be sold to anyone at extremely low prices. The price is right, but the user must remember that these are older models. As such, bugs may need to be ironed out and specific updates installed before functioning properly on any given GSM network. But once applied, they will work great!

Another option with buying an old Android phone is simply waiting until version 2 of the software is released, which should be soon, if not already available. Wholesalers stock up on generic models in anticipation of new upgrades issued by Google Incorporated, just like Apple does with iPhone 4/4S upgrades when they feature new software enhancements.

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Those interested in buying a used Android phone for their next cellular experiment should first check the product information offered by these companies about their lots. This way, they can ensure that what they will receive has all of the proper documentation, accessories, and options before making any purchase.

What to Know About Used Cell Phone Wholesalers and Retailers

When shopping for a used Android phone, read the product information carefully to know what you’re buying.

Faster Deliveries

Used cell phone wholesalers and retailers receive many orders every day and should deliver on time after receiving payment via PayPal or credit card.

However, they may not offer warranty options unless designated in their product descriptions. If no such designation is listed, assume that there are no warranties offered to purchase a secondhand cellular device from them.

Taxes on Orders

Some Wholesalers may charge tax on some orders, but that depends on where they are located. Out-of-state buyers can avoid paying local sales taxes by contacting the wholesaler or retailer they are interested in. It helps determine if the seller has a physical location within the buyer’s state.

Shipping Costs

Shipping charges are typically not included in the cost of used cell phone wholesaler’s offered prices, but this can vary depending on where one lives, how much money is being spent on the order and whether or not tax is applicable.

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The more expensive the device purchased, the less likely some shipping charge will be applied by any company that offers them for sale.

Additional Accessories

Wholesalers also offer cases and screen protectors for many used phones that can be purchased at wholesale prices. They may even have accessories such as earphones, chargers, etc., but specific information about what they are offering should be read in the product section of their website.

Discounts on Bulk Purchases

Some wholesalers are open to negotiating prices when an order is being placed for more than one item. This doesn’t mean that they will sell items at a loss to close a sale. Still, every wholesaler has different policies in place, so it never hurts to ask about discounts if trying to purchase multiple used handheld cellular devices via the same transaction. If you are a mobile phone wholesaler or retailer, these discounts may ensure significant savings for your business.

Multiple Payment Options

Although most wholesale companies accept PayPal or credit card payments, some also offer payment options by way of money orders and wire transfers which may be faster due to availability issues with using existing forms of currency electronically.

But wire transfers depend on who is asked since many different policies change frequently based on financial and legal considerations.

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Wholesalers and retailers vary because some companies sell new, refurbished, and used phones. In contrast, others only deal with current models that have never been activated or locked to a wireless service provider.

Some companies sell wholesale smartphones such as Androids, Blackberries, and Apple iPhones. Most sellers offer remanufactured devices, which means they come from broken units or defective return packages that wireless customers do not accept when sent back under warranty terms.

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