January 27, 2022

It is certain that you have a brand, whether you are aware of it or not. If you type your name into Google, what is Google saying about you? Whenever someone searches for you on Google, the first thing that they notice about you is what appears on Google when you perform a search for yourself. Is that something you would like to have appear on Google? Across LinkedIn, Facebook, and your other social media accounts, do you share the same information?  Whether you’re going on a date or taking part in a job interview, someone is probably going to Google your name to learn more about you. Would you prefer to control more what happens to your online reputation, or do you want it to happen as it does? Personal branding has become increasingly important due to social media and the gig economy.


What does a personal brand mean?

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, had allegedly stated that a brand is what other people think about it when you aren’t around. Social media and the gig economy have greatly increased the importance of personal branding. Formerly, branding referred to businesses, but now it refers to individuals as well. You are defined by your unique combination of skills and experiences that make up your personal brand. It is what others see in you. In order to build trust with potential clients and employers, your personal brand should stand out from the competition.

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The need for it has never been greater

As a person or as an entrepreneur, you must cultivate your own personal brand, whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur. Recruiters are now incorporating social media into interview processes for both employees and entrepreneurs. According to a survey conducted by CareerBuilder in 2018 it was revealed that 70% of employers are using social media to screen applicants in their selection process, and 43% are monitoring current employees using social media. When hiring employees, employers are also concerned about personal branding. As a result, businesses should encourage their employees to create strong personal brands as strong personal brands are good for business.

Attending conferences and events is important for employees, because they not only have the opportunity to develop themselves, but also promote the company.

When employees are seen as trusted thought leaders, customers are more likely to be acquired and retained. Personal branding is important in a world where gig economies will not disappear anytime soon.


Example of a personal brand

It takes time to build a brand. Being authentic about your purpose and mission is crucial. Using hard work, consistency, and long-term focus, the following celebrities built amazing brands:


There is no doubt that Oprah Winfrey is a master of personal branding. The estimated net worth of Oprah Winfrey is estimated to be $2.5 billion, according to official sources. She has seen a steady rise in her brand equity throughout the years. It has always been the mission of The Oprah Winfrey Show to help millions of viewers recognize their potential and live better lives, and this has remained constant through its history. She inspires millions of people through her authenticity to be the best version of themselves. She has a long record of being true to herself.

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Richard Branson, undoubtedly one of the most successful, visible, and well-known people in the world, is undoubtedly one of the world’s most visible, successful, and well-known figures. A core value of his is taking risks and being adventurous. As an example of what he has done, he has dressed up as a flight attendant to promote a rival airline to gain publicity for their cause. He has developed a strong personal brand due to his unconventional style and dedication to his passions. Companies have a tendency to wish to represent a perfect, idealized version of themselves through their brands. Consequently, these brands lack the texture, character, and trust of the public.”


Educator, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Marie Forleo inspires millions of students around the world. She is known for both her humor and engagement, which make her content appealing and interesting. Marie challenges people from 195 countries to change their lifestyle to make the world a better place. It is clear from her personal branding website that she is authentic and passionate about helping others.


Gary Vaynerchuk, aka Gary Vee, started his YouTube career by creating a YouTube channel called Wine Library TV.  Pseudonym HarperStudio, the publisher of his first book Crush. The publisher will reportedly publish him for $1 million for 10 books. I wrote a blog entry in February 2009 entitled Why Now is the Time to Profit from Your Passion. He is among the most successful marketers in the world due to his international fame. In order to have a successful career, you must have a reputation that precedes you.

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No matter if they are looking for a new job or hoping to increase sales for their businesses, people need to build their brands more than ever. Branding yourself doesn’t require you to be Oprah or Richard Branson. Your online presence needs to be authentic. It’s important to curate and craft content consistently. You will stand out in the long run by being honest, transparent, and authentic.

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