November 25, 2021

5 Tips on effective YouTube Marketing in 2021

YouTube is the internet’s second-largest search engine. YouTube, being a video sharing platform, has gained significance in both the entertainment and brand marketing fields.

Why is YouTube marketing important to brands?

About 55% of the marketers incorporate YouTube marketing into their overall marketing strategy. YouTube marketing has been gaining importance in the field of marketing for several reasons:

  1. About 25% of internet users spend over 10 hours watching videos on the internet.
  2. 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute
  3. More than half of executives choose watching videos over reading text.
  4. Videos are resource-intensive forms of media as compared to text.

For a long time, YouTube has been ignored as a media tool. But, with a growing online presence, brands, businesses are seeing it as a powerful tool for consumer engagement. YouTube channel existence has become vital along with other social media channels. It improves the SEO of a brand and also signifies the brand presence.

Steps In YouTube Marketing

  1. Create a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube Channel is simple, like creating any other account. You only need to have a Google account. What one needs to take care of is to separate personal and business channels. Also, video content for consumers should be on a different channel from the video content for the employees.

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You can set permissions on who can operate and publish videos for a channel. Granting access to the brand channel and setting permissions helps the owner in managing the channel. There are three options for these roles, owner, manager and communications manager.

  1. Creating the Videos

YouTube is a video consumption tool and videos being its main content, the videos you publish must be made correctly to optimize SEO and brand image. There are several types of videos that can be made:

  1. Demonstration videos– Videos that demonstrate the working of the product or service of a business.
  2. Event videos– These videos cover the events by the brand or where the brand is involved.
  3. Expert interviews– These are interviews of the expert in the area with which the brand deals.
  4. Informational videos– These videos give information to the viewers.
  5. Tutorials– These videos are how-to-content videos, giving a chance to viewers to learn something.
  6. Unboxing videos– These videos express the excitement of unboxing a product.
  7. Testimonials– Testimonials by customers builds trust among the customers.

A marketing mix needs to be made that identifies what kind of videos a brand must share with its stakeholders. Another aspect at this step is video content and video making. The content of the video needs to be well-thought-out, and factors like the objective of the video, length and multimedia effects need attention.

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Video making requires proper equipment and people. Sometimes, even after everything goes well till this part, the video needs correction. This can be done through a YouTube Video editor that edit videos, particularly for YouTube channels. These can even help in combining clips in a single video.

  1. Promote your YouTube channel

It is equally important to promote your YouTube channel to get a good number of subscribers. YouTube Channels can be promoted through various other social media. Also, include the links wherever ideal. Posting the information on websites and blogs will also work well. Emailing the customers helps remind them of a newly posted video.

  1. Understanding the analytics

After promoting the videos, measuring the results is crucial. We must understand the relationships, connections and patterns between parameters. Consider parameters like audience retention, demographics and traffic sources; these majorly help in formulating future strategies and eliminating mistakes.

Effective Tips on YouTube Marketing

After understanding the process of YouTube Marketing, here are a few tips that will help in optimizing your product.

  1. Optimize SEO and include CTA’s

YouTube is used as an SEO tool since it is the second-largest search engine. There are a lot of spaces in a video where you can incorporate popular keywords relating to the video content. The Call To Action (CTA) is another important factor that allows the viewer to subscribe to the channel or like the video and also share it with others.

  • Video Title- A video title, though used for SEO, should be short and descriptive to grab the viewer’s attention.
  • Description- The video description below the video should have a set of keywords. You should ensure that the keywords are written in the first few words of the meta description. To read more, the viewer has to click see more, so the CTA can also fit in here.
  • Tags- Use keywords as tags. Tags relate your videos to other similar videos making its reach higher.
  • Category- YouTube channel has a category option. Again, categorizing helps in getting similar videos together.
  • Thumbnails- These are the main images that a viewer can see while scrolling through a list of videos. A custom thumbnail is always a better option to choose from.
  • Subtitles and closed captions- This is another area that will help in highlighting the keywords.
  • Playlists- A curated playlist of similar videos from both your channel and other channels helps get discoverable.
  1. Determine your channel tone and style
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Your channel should have a single tone and style throughout. It has to be consistent to give the viewer a consistent brand image and not confuse them with the brand personality. The videos should connect the target audience and the brand.

  1. Make sharing easy

Your channel content should be easy to share with the viewer to increase the audience as well as subscribers.

  1. Video Content

Videos should not be too long else the viewers lose interest. It should have a catchy title. Different multimedia images and emojis could be added. Music and sound effects will add to the video quality. One thing to keep in mind is that the video quality should be good. Using proper equipment is necessary and proper editing is required. YouTube Video editors could be used to make editing easier.

  1. Channel URL

YouTube channels can have their channel URL if they are 30 days old and have 100 subscribers. You can have custom icons and channel art. Channel icon is about 800×800 pixel square or round image. It could be similar to your profile picture on other social media. Connect and link the brand’s other social media in the ‘About’ section of the channel description.

Create amazing video content and edit them wisely before uploading your YouTube videos. Use these tips to churn an effective YouTube marketing strategy so as to grow your audience and the reach of your brand. Happy video creation!

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