May 24, 2022

If you find that your big and tall office chairs don’t provide the support you need to carry out your daily tasks, it’s time for a change. Although there is no cure for back pain, this article will help you spot signs of trouble and things to watch out for when shopping around for the best office chair for back pain. If you’re thinking about making the switch from sitting behind a desk all day, here are some signs that indicate checking out one of these chairs might be worth it:


1) If an office chair includes lumbar support, try it!

This goes without saying–if everyone else is doing it then so should you. You’ll be better off for the extra support, and so will your back. Also, it’s easier to treat smaller issues than one giant problem, so don’t wait until the problem is painful and obvious.


2) If your posture is off, you might have a problem.

If you’re slouching with your elbows on the desk for most of your day, it’s likely that a change in chair type will provide some relief from strain in your back. The wrong chair can amplify good posture by forcing you to sit up straight all day long–or it can promote bad habits and make you even more out-of-shape over time. If your sitting position is already bad, it might be time to try a change. Take a few minutes every day to make sure your spine is in the best position it can be.

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3) If you have pain from standing, try a standing desk instead.

This might be the best thing you can do for chronic back pain. Standing desks allow you to elevate your legs and keep them elevated while using your keyboard and mouse. This might help reduce weight on your back, and you can use an ergonomic keyboard or mouse too! Also, these kinds of desks move work around to your arms instead of working in front of a computer.


4) If your chair doesn’t have lumbar support, try an ergonomic chair.

It’s worth noting that an ergonomic chair is a broader category than one with lumbar support. However, this option can provide a good amount of relief by keeping you in the best posture possible while you’re sitting. All you need to do right now is find one to try! You don’t want to try and get used to a new model overnight. Instead, take the recommended break period with your old chair before trying a new one. This will help keep any unexpected changes at bay that might keep you from doing your job well and in comfort.


5) If you have back pain after sitting for a long time, you might be having problems with your office chair.

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It’s not foolproof, but there are a few things you can do right now to see if the problem is fixed easily and on the cheap. First, try a different position while sitting in your chair at work. If possible, try a new chair, or use an ergonomic keyboard or mouse so that work is done from your desk instead of sitting in front of a computer all day long. You can also try getting a new chair with a back that’s lower, if this is an option for you.


6) If you have back pain from sitting, try out a new kind of office chair.

There are three main categories of office chairs worth looking into: swivel chairs, computer chairs and ergonomic office chairs. Each of these types has its own variation on the standard design, but if you’re in pain after sitting all day it might be time to try something new! Swivel chairs are designed to let you move around freely while staying seated. They’re better for some people than others depending on their height and weight and desired level of movement. If you can’t sit for long, it may be worth trying this option.



In the end, if you suspect that you’re in pain from sitting all day at work, it might be worth trying a different chair or type of chair. You may be able to improve your condition without even moving your feet!

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