August 10, 2021

Packing boxes are no longer just a secure means of transporting a product to the market. It has evolved into a much deeper idea. While there is no denying that the primary purpose of all packaging boxes is to keep the product safe from any outside trauma, in the past years, businesses have started using packing as a way to advertise their products and attract customers.

Metalized Boxes are gaining popularity quickly in recent years. Each year brings more sophisticated techniques to advertise a brand to potential consumers. There is an ever-rising competitive bar in the business world where everyone has to keep up with the latest trends to keep their foot firm in the field.

Do Packing Boxes Boost Sales?

Having a unique packing box can make it easier for your customers to recognize your brand, among many others, which will make it easier for them to pick up your product from the aisles. The first and foremost rule for any packing material is sturdiness. The product needs to reach its final destination in perfect condition, and a strong packaging box is an answer to this.

Using sustainable, eco-friendly, and reusable packing material is always the first choice of all customers. Making it convenient to open and close again for safekeeping will make your customers` hearts melt. Using specific themes, colors, logos, and packing materials for your brand will give your brand a spotlight. A well-packed product gives rich vibes, and people are always attracted towards good quality. These efforts create brand awareness and recognition, which will benefit you in the long run.

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There is a new trend around where PR packages are sent to social media influencers in beautifully curated packing. They unbox your product for their viewers to see. This brings more followers to your brand and also increased sales eventually.

Metalized Boxes:

If luxury had a face, we would say that metalized boxes would be it. A metallic look instantly ups your presentation game multifold. They bring a certain class to the packed product. Undoubtedly, such packing boxes are a perfect match for any luxury product. If you want to appear fancy to your clients, you need to consider metalized packaging.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose the packing according to the size and delicacy of your product. The next step is limitless. Creation and innovation go hand in hand. If your design team is competent, then they can work wonders with these beauties. Customizing these boxes with your brand name and logo, along with further beautifying them, can bring tremendous fortunes your way.

Types Of Metallized Boxes:

As we have already mentioned in the previous section, there is a wide variety of such boxes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and qualities. Yet we are here telling you that the two primary and most used types are,

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Gold Foil Boxes:

If you are on a hunt for some classic luxury boxes for displaying your product, gold is the most favored color. This kind of packing gives a high-class look to any product.

Silver Foil Boxes:

Silver metalized boxes are another popular choice among manufacturers.


You can choose to have a shiny and reflective appearance for your metalized packing. It brings attention because of the nature of the surface. Everyone loves some shine.


By giving a matte finish to your packing material, you bring a certain sophistication to it. Your product appears rich to the customer.

Other Colors:

While gold and silver may be the most popular choices in metalized packing, other options are also available. You can request metallic packing in other colors of your choice too.

Printing Quality Matters A Lot:

Considering the effectiveness of metalized boxes, the print quality should be top class. A blurry and unreadable script on the box gives a cheap impression to the buyer, making him question the packed product’s quality. The idea here is simple. The customer considers the quality of your product directly proportional to the quality of the packing.

Therefore you must choose a reliable printing company which is well equipped and knowledgeable in up-to-date printing techniques. A clear and crisp printing output is far better than a blur and cheap finished product. If the printing is fine, your buyer can easily read all the informative text written.

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Choose A Sturdy Material:

Whether it is Gold Foil Boxes or Silver Foil Boxes, firm packing will keep your product safe during transportation from external damage. The higher the quality of your boxes is, the greater the chances of product safety. Not just printing but foiling and lamination also need quality checks.

Choosing quality will help your product attract more customers. We advise that you never compromise on the packing quality. A good quality packing box improves product security and also lets out a rich look to the customer. Giving them the impression that you value quality and they can trust your product.

Go Eco-Friendly:

Work towards growing your brand but also to protect our environment. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep our environmental health in check. You can play your part by considering eco-friendly and bio-degradable materials for your packing and product production. It will also build your brand image as a responsible business and appeal to your buyers to help keep the environment safe and healthy.

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