How to Leverage Influencers to Sell More on Amazon
August 10, 2021

Because Amazon accounts for almost half of all online retail spending, eCommerce businesses should use it to promote their items in front of potential customers. However, with hundreds of millions of items for sale on Amazon, getting your products viewed by your target audience might be difficult. 

Influencer marketing, in which leaders in a given field promote your brand’s products and convey the message to a particular audience, is one of the most successful ways to introduce people to your product. Influencer marketing is now a $1.7 billion industry on Instagram alone, allowing marketers to contact their target audience in a natural, relevant way. Why? Because it is effective.

Who is an Amazon Influencer? 

Amazon Influencers

An Amazon influencer is a person who has established themselves as an expert or knowledgeable in a specific field on social media, allowing them to influence their target audience’s purchasing decisions by endorsing a product available on Amazon. In other words, they’re someone you’d like to represent your company on Amazon since they can assist boost sales.

Keep in mind that a potential Amazon influencer’s quantity of followers isn’t the most essential aspect. Focus on influencers who have a following of individuals who might take an interest in your product. 

For a multitude of reasons, influencers are a perfect fit for eCommerce companies wanting to extend their reach and improve their Amazon sales. The greatest influencers for Amazon merchants to deal with are generally those with less than a million followers. 

The question that arises is where to find an influencer from? An Influencer Marketing Platform is the best place to find impactful influencers for a specific niche. 

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Advantages of Amazon Influencers: 


Working with influencers cost is dependent on a variety of factors, but they are typically inexpensive. Most eCommerce companies’ budgets are certainly beyond the reach of social media’s greatest personalities, such as Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian, who demand around half a million dollars for a sponsored post. 

Different influencers charge differently, depending on their followers and their engagement rate. 


According to GRIN, influencers with 1,000 followers have 85 percent more engagement than those with 100,000. 

What’s the key behind this high level of engagement? As they have smaller followings and come from more humble backgrounds, micro-influencers are more personable and relatable to their fans. They’re also more likely to reply to their followers’ comments, messages, and likes. As a consequence, if a micro-influencer recommends your Amazon shop or products, their followers will notice for sure. 

More conversion 

Because 40% of customers trust a company because of its association with a specific influencer, conversion rates rise. Almost 60% of customers purchase that product due to the influence. 

When an individual wants a product recommendation, then they go to influencers for the same. People who hear about a product via a micro-influencer are also more inclined to purchase it. They trust the source because they know the influencer. They understand that micro-influencers stake their reputations on what they promote and that they will not promote things that they do not use or enjoy.

What factors to consider while choosing an Influencer?

  • Understanding how each type of influencer operates within your influencer network or on a specific campaign, especially when working with e-commerce behemoth Amazon, is crucial to know how to engage with all of them. Each influencer type has a role in a well-developed influencer marketing strategy. 
  • However, classifying influencers simply based on their number of followers might be deceptive. Influencer marketing managers who have worked with influencers before know how important it is to consider engagement.
  • Having a thousand or more followers doesn’t make a person an influencer, there are many fake followers too, be aware of them. 
  • The bottom line of influencer marketing is authenticity. Quality content & useful products can influence the purchasing power of any audience. 
  • If there is trouble in searching for an impactful influencer for your Amazon product, then an Influencer Marketing Platform can solve your query. 

Amazon’s influencer marketing platform has the potential to revolutionize the way marketers and influencers work together. These new influencer marketing platforms make it easier to reach the influencers. Other online eCommerce sites will likely follow Amazon’s approach in the future. Influencers curating digital storefronts on behalf of advertisers may become more common. 

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