August 21, 2021

The internet has blessed us with tons of resources that we can use almost immediately. Also, it has allowed a bunch of creators to make anything they want! Social media sites have made this possible throughout the years. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are widely used by many today.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock these couple of decades, you’ll know that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet! This means that aside from Google, people search for things in YouTube. They might search videos on how to tie a tie or they might just want to watch the highlights of the latest NBA game. Whatever it is, we sometimes want to download a YouTube video for future reference. If you don’t know how, read on below!

About YouTube

YouTube was created in 2005. Now, it has been bought by Google and it has billion of visits monthly. People search for all things on YouTube namely sports, games, products reviews, vlogs, and more! Because of this, the platform grew to what it is today – the 2nd largest search engine on the internet.

By now, there have been billions of videos uploaded on YouTube and it keeps growing everyday. With so many videos there are, it makes sense for some people to want to save some videos for offline consumption. But if you don’t have a single clue on how to do this, read on below!

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Ways to Download YouTube Videos

YouTube has grown significantly over the past years. It went from a video uploader site to the 2nd largest search engine today. Because of that, many users would want to save important videos for offline use. But if you don’t know how to do that, there are a lot of ways in here that we’ll teach you.


Save offline from YouTube – Did you know that you can download YouTube videos straight from the app or the site itself? Yes, YouTube introduced this feature years ago to help users easily save their videos. To do this, just navigate to the YouTube app or site > select the video you want to save > select the save button below the video. After doing so, you should see the video being downloaded into your YouTube account. Note that this isn’t available for all videos for some reason. Also, the videos will be saved on your YouTube account not on your device.

Download from VLC – If you’re using VLC media player, chances are high that you don’t realize you can download YouTube videos in it. This is because it’s not the main feature of this application. But in order to do so, you need to copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to download > open VLC > select Open Network Stream (Ctrl+N) from the Media Menu > paste the URL > click Play. As the video is playing, go to tools > Codec Information. You’ll see a box at the bottom called “Source”. Just copy the URL that you find in that box. Then, go back to your browser and paste the URL and start playing the video. You’ll see an option below to download the video!

YouTube to MP4 Converter Sites – Perhaps the easiest way to download YouTube videos aside from the site itself is this method. In here, you’ll just search on any browse the keywords “YouTube to MP4”. After doing so, you should see a bunch of sites that are offering to do this for free! All you need to do is copy the URL of the YouTube video that you want to download and paste it in any of the sites. If you’re confused, we recommend sites such as, and more.

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Download a YouTube downloader app – If you want a more permanent solution to your downloading needs, you can always just download a YouTube download app! You can try YouTube Go, YouTube downloader apps, YTDDownloader and more! Just search for this keyword on Google “YouTube downloader app” and you should find tons of software.



Download using SS – You could also download YouTube videos easily using the SS method. To do this, just simply navigate to the YouTube video you want to download > click on the video and pause it > type “ss” before the “” like here: “”. This method is easy because it doesn’t require you to use third-party sites or apps or any extensions!


If you have to download long format files in the form of movies or music, a better alternative would be to simply look up the same on a platform like the pirate bay. YouTube comes with its own fair share of restrictions and copyright material. If you do not want to bother yourself too much with additional add-ons, details and terms and conditions, simply go to the pirate bay, search for the content, download it and watch it on your VLC player. Yes, it is as simple as that!

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As you can see, downloading a YouTube video is as simple as following the steps above! There are many ways to do so so you should just choose which ones are convenient to you. And if you forget to do so, just refer back to this guide!

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