August 17, 2022

Engagement is the name of the game when it comes to carrying out a successful corporate event. As the person in charge of managing the event, do you envision row upon row of bored attendees, falling asleep in their uncomfortable chairs? Or did you have something else in mind, perhaps something more engaging?

The key is creating a fun, memorable event that attendees will actually enjoy. Guests will always appreciate fewer lectures and PowerPoint presentations and more hands-on workshops and entertainment segments, but unless you, yourself, have mad skills in planning and all the right local connections, an event of this caliber is difficult to pull off alone. That’s why it pays to partner with reputable and proven corporate event planners in NYC for your next event.

What Does a Corporate Event Planner in NYC Do?

An event planner focuses more on the logistics of carrying out your event, and the designer sets the stage. Ideally, finding a firm that offers both services is ideal. In this way, you’ll have someone on your side to book the venue, get the word out, and design your theme. You’ll also have professionals to plan out each segment of the day. Some of the responsibilities handled by corporate event planners in NYC include:

  • Renting tables and choosing the right linens, napkins, and table decor
  • Putting up the necessary marketing materials
  • Renting and setting up the room lighting
  • Renting and setting up the audio-visual equipment
  • Planning the flow of the event
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This might include dedicating segments of time to interactive workshops, exhibitions, photo ops, or “try-me” sessions, where attendees can handle merchandise or mingle with professionals within various fields of expertise. Of course, most corporate events need speakers, but speakers alone don’t usually make for a fun and memorable event. If the overall goal is get people excited about your event and to keep them wanting to come back for more next year, you need to partner with an experienced event specialist.

What Are Some Good Examples of Corporate Event Design?

E3 is a prime example of a well-run event. E3 is a week-long trade show that takes place every year, sponsored by the Entertainment Software Association. It draws in journalists, software companies, industry managers, fans, and more to sample the world’s newest up-and-coming video games and hardware. People love it because it’s informative and fun, and it gives them the chance to be interactive with new products. It also alerts them to what’s coming in the months ahead. Features of E3 that help make it so well loved include:

  • Free merchandise that’s exclusive to attendees only
  • Exclusive sneak peeks into upcoming games
  • The chance to be hands-on with both gaming systems and software
  • Presentations by industry specialists
  • Amazing special effects
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These are the types of elements that firms like 23 Layers can help arrange at your next event, regardless of industry. So, the next time your annual event rolls around, place your trust in corporate event planners NYC to entertain and educate your attendees in the most inspiring ways.


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