March 22, 2022

Successful businesses may bring in millions of dollars each year in revenue and obtain a hefty profit. Despite this level of achievement, these businesses are still subjected to the overhead costs associated with running their operations. Lease payments, employee salaries and insurance prices are unavoidable expenses, but you can substantially minimise the amount of money that you spend towards energy consumption. Following some basic tips can help decrease your business’ overall energy expenditures and aid in lowering unnecessary spending.

Limit the Use of Cooling and Heating Systems

Businesses often rely on air conditioning and heating systems to provide comfortable work environments for employees, as well as to protect machinery from exposure to extreme temperatures. Although these methods can quickly produce desired results, they can be rather costly. Ceiling and desk fans can be used in lieu of air conditioning for smaller, less congested areas of a building, while personal heaters can provide individual workstations with additional warmth. Windows can also be used to circulate fresh air and bring in cool breezes. Reducing the need to provide widespread temperature control can help lower your business electricity bill.

Take Advantage of Alternate Light Sources

Buildings require sufficient lighting for companies to adequately conduct their daily operations. Overhead lights can be a great way to illuminate large sections of a room. Whether it is in the form of recessed lighting, tracks or chandeliers, these sources rely on the use of multiple bulbs and energy to properly function. Replacing traditional bulbs with LED options may be beneficial if you are looking to cut costs without sacrificing visibility. Creating an office layout that capitalises on the use of natural sunlight can also limit the number of lights that you may need.

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Replace Outdated Equipment

Older equipment can cause delays in production, require regular maintenance and consume large amounts of energy. Replacing aging machinery with newer, eco-friendly models can help you run your business in a more effective and efficient manner. Updated battery-powered equipment might be able to hold a longer charge when compared to previous versions, and they can therefore cut down on the amount of time needed at docking stations. As machines age, they will begin to require the use of additional energy to properly function. The cost of purchasing new machinery can potentially be less expensive than if you were to continue running your operations as is.

Unplug Unused Appliances

Small appliances such as coffee makers, toasters and microwaves rely on the use of electricity, and they are responsible for a small portion of your company’s total energy output. When not in use, these appliances should be unplugged from their electrical outlet to ensure that energy is not continuing to be transferred. Larger machines such as computers, copiers and printers should be turned off at the end of the day rather than being unattended for an extended period of time. All lights and fans should be powered off as well.

Encourage Employee Participation

Developing a plan to help minimise your company’s energy costs will be ineffective if not properly implemented. Employees need to be encouraged to actively participate in energy-saving activities and should feel a sense of accomplishment when doing so. The more individuals that commit to maintaining an eco-friendly environment, the greater chance you will have at achieving long-term success. Efforts should gradually be implemented to avoid disarray. Energy-reducing tactics may also have the potential to boost morale and employee satisfaction, as well as entice prospective workers.

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There are many ways to reduce the amount of energy that your business uses each year. Identifying a few easy methods can help get you on your way to cutting costs.


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