August 23, 2021

Writing a product description is vital to enticing potential buyers. No one would touch a product without a report with a 10-foot pole. Consequences of that nature may not make it to the market. Buyers want to know what they are about to consume, and they have every right.

For the most part, a product description guides the buyer. It helps the buyer to know the difference between the product and other options. Besides the potency of the product, buyers may have other concerns. A detailed product description helps to alleviate those fears.

Until recently, the power of an expertly crafted product description has been unharnessed. A product description is more than a guide; it is the beginning of a lasting relationship between manufacturer and consumer.

About 98 percent of online customers will stop purchasing if the product description is unclear. Thus, detailed product content is key to converting customers. Now, let’s show you what to write in a product or service description.


  • The Product’s Correct Names

Although this might seem like a no-brainer, forgetting this detail is nearly unforgivable. The primary reason to write product description is to introduce the product formally and then educate the consumer. Thus, every product description must carry the correct name of the product.

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Furthermore, if the product has other legal aliases, they should be in the description as well. For medicines and vegetables, the scientific names should be included in the description.

  • The Product’s Image

The company logo might be unnecessary but never the product’s image. Besides its registered name, the image is the best means of identifying the product. The image must carry the product’s logo as that also helps advertise the brand. 

Also, the image ought to be in the standard resolution for the description. You may need to read the online store’s standard image dimensions for products on their site.


  • How to Use the Product or Service

While some products are popular among consumers, others are relatively new. Thus, it is necessary to provide tips on using the product, especially the new ones. Likewise, consumers use popular items wrongly, which limits the efficacy of the product. For this reason, the makers of the product ought to give tips on the best ways to use them. Without sounding condescending, suggest the ideal ways of using the product. If it is a healthcare product, you may need to advise the user on using it. More importantly, ask the user to consult a doctor before using the product.


  • The Content of the Product or Service

The product description would make no sense without a list of the product’s content. Firstly, the consumer has the right to know the content of the product they are about to buy. It helps the customer to develop trust in the manufacturer. About 50 percent of online shoppers have returned an item that did not fit the description. 

State the vital features and specs of the product. Mention the dimension of the product (size, length, weight, etc.). Add relevant keywords when describing the content of the product or service. Since the item would be in an online store, keyword optimization is necessary to find it online. 


  • Benefits of Using the Product

Although the product description is not a means of advertisement, it wouldn’t hurt to list the benefits. The level of competition among similar products and services in the market is stiff. Therefore, the potential buyer or user would need some convincing to choose the product. This part is your chance to sell the product. Write a product description similar to how you would write a sales copy.

 Use copywriting techniques to get the message across to the potential buyer. Without sounding too “salesy”, have a catchy headline, a descriptive body, and a convincing conclusion. You may need to hire a professional copywriter to craft words that would touch the potential buyer. Lastly, entice the customer with a discount. It is an old marketing strategy that still works like a charm.  


  • Details of the Manufacturer

In every product description, the product is the center of attention, and rightly so. However, there ought to be room to introduce the manufacturer. Although this information will be limited in the description, it boosts the customer’s confidence in the manufacturer. Look for strategic points to include the manufacturer’s name in the product description. The secret to writing a winning product description is knowing that the product is not about you.


  • Any Side Effects

It is common for certain products to have side effects, especially healthcare and hygiene products. List whatever possible side effects using the products might cause. Not only does it protect the consumer, but it is also mandatory. The FDA requires that all adverts must contain the side effects of products as well as the benefits. Moreover, when the product is in an online store, include disclaimers where necessary. Always be factual and don’t overpromise.  


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Your choice of words should speak to the buyer. Research some of the biggest challenges potential customers face. While you describe the product, highlight the features of the product as the solution to these problems. Use bullet points when you don’t have the luxury of writing an essay-like product description. If there is room for an extended description of the product, go ahead.





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