August 9, 2021

Do you want to know why, how, and when to use marketing strategy or research? Do you want to know why your clients do not buy your products? Are you interested in launching new products, services, market campaigns but not sure what your customers want? 

To answer all the above questions, you need help from your customers. But how will you collect the data? In this situation, Market Research is a way to get all the answers you need. 

Thus, in this blog, you will get to know about Market Research and different types of marketing research. This will help you to raise your marketing strategy and guide your business to success. 

So first, let’s discuss the overview of Market Research.


Market Research is the middle of each excellent marketing strategy. It is the only method to learn your business, buyers, and rivals. 

Generally, every marketing strategy performance is based on the types of marketing research. 

To make it easy and obvious to understand, market research is divided into 4 parts. Types of marketing research created to make sure you all have the necessary data and information to boost your business and make them successful. The three chief objectives of market research are as follows:

Administrative: It helps company development by proper planning, organization, and human and material resources control. They satisfy all the needs in the market at the right time.

Social: It satisfies customer’s needs by requiring products and services. 

Economical: Determine the economic status of success or failure of a company. 

So, let’s discuss the types of Marketing Research.


There are 4 main kinds of market research. Each of these will assist you in extracting data and information about your market in different ways. The 4 types of marketing research are as follows:

Primary Research

Primary Research is first-party data and information. This is all about the data or information you collected on your own. The examples of primary research include Polls, Focus Groups, Interviews, and Surveys.

This type of marketing helps strengthen your marketing strategy. The data or information comes from your customer’s use in the success of the company. It is the most helpful type of market research because it is mainly based on your customer. This allows you to get the details of the strengths and weaknesses of your business. And this helps you to understand the experience of your customers. 4 ESSENTIAL TYPES OF MARKETING RESEARCH TO BOOST MARKETING STRATEGY

The best example of primary marketing is online surveys and polls. They are the best method to gather the responses of the customer base. 

Secondary Research

Secondary Research is second-party and third-party data and information. This data is gathered from the knowledge that already exists in markets. Other businesses and organizations do the research. Examples of secondary research are articles, videos, white papers, E-books, etc.

This type of marketing helps you to understand your business well. You can identify essential industry statistics, how competitors operate, and other valuable insights that you can use to create an effective marketing strategy. Classifying data and information do not only help you to give a perfect marketing strategy but also assists in where you can improve your business. 

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is a collection of data that can not be measured. 

This research can be both primary and secondary. You can use primary methods like interviews, polls, etc., to know your customer’s about your product and services. The purpose is to understand them. You can ask questions like:

What do they think about your product?

How made you buy our products and services?

What points do you like about our product or service and why?

From this type of marketing, you will know what your customers think of your brand. It is the only way to understand why customers trust your or another brand.  

When you do customer research, you can ask specific questions to the customers. The answers to certain queries will assist you in forming the best marketing strategy. 

Quantitative Research

This research refers to the collections of numbers for statistical analysis. Quantitative Research also can be primary and secondary.

This type of research is all about having the figures to back up your marketing strategy. The stats are not only ideas. They are experiential proof. The Quantitative market’s examples are social media followers, subscribers, page views, etc.

This data acts as a guide for wherever to use time and funds for your marketing purposes. When you identify where you stand in a market, you can modify your marketing strategy. 


Marketing research is as crucial as a marketing strategy for your business. Customers have different needs and wants globally. You should do the best marketing research to build a perfect marketing strategy. Thus, I have discussed the essential four types of marketing research. You can select any of them to create the best marketing strategy. 


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