August 23, 2021

Within a short span, vaping has become an increasingly popular culture that has witnessed jaw-dropping growth. The rapid evolution of Elf bar disposable vape technology and innovation has influenced this tremendous change. But even as the industry is moving towards innovation in terms of customization and usability, a few fundamental challenges that commonly trouble vapers remain unresolved over the years. One such problem is the burning sensation that vaping often leaves behind. 

Not just novice, even experienced vapers share that they face a fair share of this problem even after thousands of hours of vaping. Getting a sore throat or an itchy burning sensation after vaping can be pretty uncomfortable. It can interfere with the nicotine delivery of the liquid and ruin your vaping experience. So what is causing this problem? Well, here are five possible reasons why you might experience this issue while vaping. 

1. You Are Vaping Wrong 


You decided to try vaping. You saw smok pods for sale and invested in your first vape device. You power it and take the first draw, only to end up with pain in the throat. But is this normal? Well, the answer is definitely NO. 


Vaping style is, in fact, the biggest culprit that causes pain in the throat. The problem is common for both smokers and non-smokers. Smokers tend to treat vape devices just like cigarettes. For example, drawing continuously can give more smoke while using a cigarette. But this action does nothing in a vape pen. It will simply leave your throat feeling dry and sore. 


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Matching your inhaling style with the type and size of the device is crucial for the optimum experience. If you use the Mouth-To-Lung style, like pulling from a cigarette, then try using smaller devices like vape pods. This way, you can comfortably draw vapor, keep it in the mouth and then take it to your lungs. 


Direct-To-Lung is a complicated style that requires some practice with vape devices. So, avoid this style unless you are willing to take time to familiarize it. It will help prevent throat burns. 

2. Your E-liquid Is Causing Trouble 


Each constituent of an e-liquid has a specific purpose. The art of preparing the perfect e-juice lies in identifying the optimum ratio of each of them.


Nicotine content in e-liquids is one of the most common reasons for dry throat and burning sensation in vapers. Smokers in transition often have trouble choosing the right nicotine concentration for their juice. Picking a liquid with high nicotine levels will leave your throat scratchy and uncomfortable. 


Similarly, e-juice with nicotine tends to keep higher PG concentration. While the compound enhances nicotine expression, very high levels will leave the throat dry and aching. The best way to cope with this problem is to start small. Invest in e-liquids with a 50/50 VG to PG ratio. It is the default value for novice users. Look for low nicotine concentrations like 3mg or 6mg instead of 12mg or 18mg. Try vaping a few times and gradually adjust the ratios to your liking to have a satisfactory experience. 

3. Your Coil Needs Attention


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Old vape coils with damage or burns are often a cause of pain and irritation in the throat. You can switch the coils to ensure there is proper vaporization. 


Another common issue raised by coils is the use of nickel. Some people are allergic to this metal that could cause a sore throat. Look for a coil without a nickel in the alloy to cope with this problem. 

4. You Might Be Experiencing Smokers Flu


Smokers Flu or Quitters Flu is the street term for tobacco withdrawal. Vaping is one of the most common ways of quitting smoking. Smokers switch to the habit to slowly get rid of nicotine dependency. But the transition can be a challenging journey for the first couple of weeks. 

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance. Your body will take a while to adjust to the new changes and heal from the harmful effects of tar and other chemicals you were exposed to while smoking. This could induce specific symptoms like nasal congestion, fatigue, digestive troubles, and soreness or burning sensation in the throat. 

The best way to overcome this problem is to choose a healthy diet and stay hydrated and active. Resisting nicotine use can be problematic, but it can bring ample health benefits in the long run. 

5. You Are Vaping Too Often


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Vaping is undoubtedly a fun habit that will keep you interested. But too much of any good thing is simply bad. While the enormous clouds of flavor brimming vapors can be exciting to watch, the vaping frequency can wreak havoc on your throat. 


Transitioning smokers crave the correct dose of nicotine. Using a low nicotine strength could trigger them to vape more often, which induces a burnt feeling in the throat. Some vapers also use vaping to relax from the stress of work. While it is perfectly okay to do so, depending on the habit, too much could cause you to vape more than you should and will leave you with throat irritation and dehydration. 


Be mindful of your vaping habit and try to cut down the frequency of use to enjoy. Also, try increasing the nicotine concentration to achieve satisfaction while vaping. This way, you will find a lesser need to vape often. 



These are some of the most common causes of a sore throat from vaping. Following the remedies mentioned will help you resolve the issue quickly. This way, you can continue to vape whenever and wherever you like.  


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