September 28, 2021

Surrogacy in Canada is a widespread service for people from different countries. The law is quite soft about surrogacy. You may order the services if you are a hetero couple, a gay couple, or a single person. You may order the surrogacy directly from a surrogate mother. Yet, the best option is to order surrogacy in Canada is to address a specialized international agency like World Center of Baby. Yet, there are problems for mothers with surrogacy laws in Canada.

Do the surrogate mothers get paid for their services? The answer is no. In Canada, it is prohibited by law to pay for surrogacy. Commercial surrogacy is considered a crime. Instead, there is altruistic surrogacy. This means that the mother delivers the child to the intended parents for free. She does not receive any payment for the service. Yet, the intended parents should have a high price for expenses on medical services. They should pay for the medical examinations, treatment, and screening.

In other countries, such fees are covered by the mother herself. So, the cost of surrogacy in Canada gets high. It is better to address a surrogacy agency in Canada for a baby. For example, the World Center of Baby has its own clinic which helps to trim costs for medical procedures.

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You can also order gestational surrogacy. This means that the child will not be biologically related to the surrogate mother. So, the mother will have no rights over the child and can’t take them with herself. Yet, because of the laws, they do not conclude a contract. That is why there is much fraud between surrogate mothers. They can take your money for expenses and do not give the child to you. So, it is quite risky and the cost of surrogacy in Canada is high.

To be safe, you should be sure that the mother is reliable. You should find the information about mothers on the forum. Look through their past cases and parents’ comments on the forum. People will describe their work with the mother. But it is still better to order surrogacy in another country. For example, you may order it in Ukraine or Mexico. The countries have strict laws about surrogacy. The cost is not so high.

The Best Surrogacy Agency in Canada

The World Center of Baby offers services for people from all over the world. If you live in Canada, it is a perfect option to have quality services. Mothers in the agency conclude a contract and are responsible for their health. Before applying for the job, they go through a detailed medical examination in the agency. They go through screening and present their medical certificates.

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The agency also offers donor eggs and embryos. You may order shipping of embryos to the country where you live. You may also order sperm and female eggs. If you have any questions, you can order a free consultation with managers. They will tell you about the procedure and the rules of the agency. It is a reliable way to get a child.

Why Is Paid Surrogacy Prohibited in Canada?

In Canada, paying a surrogate mother for delivering a child is considered fraud. In such cases, the mother trades her body. This is considered a crime and has a great penalty by law. In most situations, the mothers themselves do not want to be paid. They have a calling to deliver children to other people. They want to carry a child and help people become pregnant. The mothers enjoy being pregnant and helping single parents and LGBT couples.

Despite the altruistic surrogacy, the surrogate mother and intended parents conclude a contract. Yet, because of these laws, it is easy to face fraud. The clinic that provides you a mother can charge great fees. Sometimes, you may have to pay for services not related to pregnancy. And the mother gets a small part of your payments. In the contract, the parties should state the amount for the parents to pay during pregnancy. But the agencies may breach the contracts and charge more.

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In some situations, the surrogate mother has a friendship with the intended parents. They see the joy of the parents. The intended parents may help the mother in medical examinations and ultrasound treatments.

Yet, the government does not cover expenses for IVF. A single surrogate mother should cover them by herself. Yet, if the mother works for a surrogacy agency, the clinic will make the payment. The fertility treatment costs are fully on the mother. They include blood analyses, lining examinations, and consulting a doctor. The intended parents can’t legally pay for that.

Among people, there are different views on altruistic surrogacy. Some people think that this kind of surrogacy allows more freedom. The freedom concerns both the intended parents and the mother. The mother can choose whether to use the body to help others.

The other point is mothers sacrifice their bodies to unknown people without contribution. Being pregnant is a great stress for a woman’s body. It is difficult for their health. Usual mothers give birth to their children only once or twice. After that, they may have health problems.

A mother who delivers a child to other people may not have their own ones. So, this is a great sacrifice for them. This is especially true if they do not receive payment. In Canada, some payments on medical treatment and examinations are not covered. So, a woman should take a risk with their health and waste their money at the same time.

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Another point is that the children delivered through surrogacy become products. It means that the mothers trade the children. They do not have a psychological attachment to the babies. If they have, it is difficult for them to give the baby to other people. This causes psychological damage both for mothers and children.

In some countries, surrogacy is prohibited by law. These countries include Germany, France, and Switzerland. In some countries, altruistic surrogacy is banned because of religion.

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