April 4, 2022

Today technology has taken over the weakness and lack of knowledge in students. Today students can gather information about anything through online learning and so do their parents. Today not even students but parents are also gaining knowledge about the subjects their kids are studying and if kids ask them about ERP full form and LMS full form then they also immediately look into any good education app and provide their kids all information about LMS full form and ERP full form and this makes a good bond of kids with their parents. Similarly, there are so many parents and kids in this world who share a very good bond with each other. Parents nurture their kids according to their own way and with all those conditions around their kids which they wish to have around them. But how often their parenting style proves to be good and correct. 99% cases have been studied to have strictness and robust decisions for the kids when they make any mistake or misbehave. Parents usually choose the path of punishment and take punitive actions against the disrespectful behaviour of their kids. Usually, it seems correct to some extent also to be a little robust against the children beyond the limit mischief and naughtiness but is it really necessary to be rude always to make the child understand and is there any alternative to this situation? The answer is yes there is an alternative to this situation of dilemma among parents and that is called Gentle Parenting.

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Gentle parenting is a means of parenting without shame, blame and punishment. It is a partnership where both the parties respect their ways of being each other. Gentle parenting clears everything to be understood just by its name as it says it is a softer approach towards children while parenting. Here parents teach their kids everything without using any harsh or punitive medium to teach them. It is also known as Collaborative Parenting where parents never compel their children to learn anything by threatening and by being punitive towards their children. Under gentle parenting parents make their children anything they wish to teach them using two tools: connection or bond and communication because the basic principle of gentle parenting is to teach anything to the kid by having an open and polite conversation. There are various benefits of gentle parenting. Gentle parenting teaches kids that they can handle any situation by a gentle conversation, they can set their own boundaries, they can trust and also, they make people hear them when they wish to. Let’s understand some benefits also of gentle parenting:

  • Gentle parenting always has the effect of the first word on in its name. It is found in many studies that gentle parenting decreases levels of anxiety and stress in both- parents and children. It is so, because trust of parents on the child makes them relax that the child will listen to them and as the child has never seen his/her parents in robust mode so he/she also follows them assuming whatever they will do it will be better for him/her.
  • Who doesn’t like to be loved? Everyone likes to be treated lovingly and so the children. Gentle parenting is that bonding agent which is based on trust where showering love and care while teaching anything to the kid makes the kid feel amazing and this creates a bond of trust between parents and children where they don’t search for a reason to listen and follow each other. It is simply a method where parents have to provide love, time and their support to the kid.
  • Gentle parenting creates a very high trust level between the kid and parents where if someone else comes and makes a fake complaint against the child then parents know that their child is innocent because if he/she does anything wrong even by mistake then he/she confesses in front of parents. Similarly, a child also keeps trust in parents that they will never listen to such fake accusations as they believe in him/her.
  • Instead of scolding and holding the kids grounded for their mischief in any social event it is better for the parents to set an example in front of the kids by behaving well themselves. Children follow what they see in their home. So, it is better for the parents to show & teach their kids about social skills lovingly only.
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