February 21, 2022

Strengths of Online Education

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has introduced a revolution in the realm of education with the expansion of online education programmes throughout the length and breadth of the country. While there are always clouds of scepticism brewing around anything new and revolutionary, the newly fangled mode of education has already gained acceptance by the masses since its expansion in 2020. Let us look at some of the points that act as the strength of online education and the reason why it is ever flourishing.

Strengths of Online Learning

There are an assortment of reasons as to why online education has become the number one preferred choice amongst maximum teachers and students, surpassing the traditional methodologies. The online teaching and learning provides an individual with unprecedented opportunities to excel in their respective spheres.

  1. Accessible from anywhere in the world.

One of the most advantageous factors of online education is its efficiency of being accessible from an point of the world. This was not possible in traditional methods due to restrictions of physical presence and rigid schedules. In online pedagogical form of teaching and learning, an online teacher or student can easily facilitate and access the session respectively from the comforts of their zones. The only need is of that of a secure internet connection.

  1. Time efficient.
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Time is the most precious yet limited resource to a person. The demands of a physical classroom constitute of physical, in-person presence of both students as well as teachers. In this essence, both the parties have to bear hefty transportation expenditure, and if the person is shifting from another city or country, the cost of relocation is not inexpensive as well. Hence, overall the physical method of teaching and learning is always heavier on pockets. This is not the case with online education. People following the online mode of education even have the freedom to juggle between various careers and courses. This would have only been a dream in physical classrooms that function according to rigid time schedules. Hence, apart from saving money, one can utilise their fair share of time in doing something productive.

  1. The synergy is amazing.

Online education allows you to have a vibrant and dynamic discussion amongst teachers and students. The methodology is not at all monotonous where a class teacher would simply read a chapter from textbook and leave. Rather, the internet powered system facilitates healthy and thought provoking discussions in online sessions.

  1. Student Centric Approach


The online mode of education facilitates students to be the deciphers of their academic journey. In this mode of education, teachers are merely catalysts who look at the execution process. Unlike traditional method, where the universe would revolve around a teacher; causing extra pressure and unwanted dependency of a plethora of students.

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  1. Equal and Inclusive Environment


With the absence of rigid rules to be present physically, equates to absence of prejudices based on skin colour, hair texture, tone of speech, gender identities and physical disabilities. This has only worked in favour of innumerable students who now feel more secure in opening up and discussing topics through a virtual screen, without having to look or present themselves in a certain way. This further boosts self esteem and confidence amongst students who refuse to box in.


  1. Accessibility of Vital Resources


Being powered by nothing but the internet, the realm of online education is already limitless. Students and teachers can now access information which would otherwise be absent from dated textbooks. Whether it is a video, audio or an e-book, online education empowers students and teachers to access resources form anywhere in the world at any given point.


  1. Creative Sessions


Online sessions are far more creative than traditional setups. This is largely due to the fact that the participants are seated in their comfort zones, hence it is only natural to think more productively and engage in a healthy discussion throughout the session. Furthermore, it facilitates non-conventional methods of teaching and learning which includes documentary and movie watching, online quizzes, accessing e-books on a plethora of topics, etc. There is simply no limit to sharing and acquiring knowledge in the realm of online education.

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These were few of the pointers which makes online education a widely accepted phenomenon in the field of education. Being largely powered by the internet, the growth of this method is only going to be exponential, given the fact that technology reinvents on a regular basis.

Hope you found this blog resourceful. Happy online teaching and learning!

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