March 9, 2022

Engineering is a diverse field of engineering that deals with designing and manufacturing new machines, structures, systems, or some part thereof. It also deals with designing tools and processes for manufacturing sustainable development. The work is done by engineers applying scientific principles and industrial practices to realize innovations in many fields.


Engineering is a discipline that involves the application of science, technology, and mathematics (STEM) to create innovative products, processes, buildings and systems. It is often said that “An engineer is someone who can do for an hour what it takes a thousand people an entire lifetime to learn”, although no amount of training can prepare someone for all possible situations.

What Are The Engineering Admission Eligibility Criteria?


  • (i) Students who passed Class XII with a minimum of 50% marks of aggregate marks and have secured atleast 50% in all subjects of the examination shall be able to take admission to B.Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering) courses.


  • (ii) Students whose qualification is equivalent (in terms of standards) to those mentioned above can apply for admission to other engineering courses like electrical, civil, mechanical, aeronautical, etc.


  • (iii) For admission to B.Tech (computer science and engineering), a candidate must graduate from a recognized University with atleast 50% marks or equivalent grade in the aggregate of all subjects.
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  • (iv) The applicant must have passed his 10+2 examination conducted by the CBSE / AIEEE conducted by the All India Council for Technical Education / Joint Entrance Examination or possess an equivalent qualification recognized by the AICTE, New Delhi.


  • (v) An applicant who has passed an examination deemed equivalent to class XII from the Academic Council of the corresponding State is eligible for admission. A State candidate must produce a certificate from the Academic Council of the corresponding state at the time of admission.

How to get an Engineering degree online?


A four-year engineering degree is mandatory for those looking to work in the field in India. It is the minimum qualification required for aspiring engineers. Getting a degree in engineering is not a simple venture, though. If you want to get  Engineering degree online there are many online platform who create courses online for Engineering. There are multiple factors to consider, such as the Level of education, course type and so on. The list of topics to be covered in the course is also pervasive.

The qualification prescribed for an engineering degree will vary based on the institution, course and country.


There are many engineering degree courses that you may find. Generally, BTech degrees have a reduced final year examination and admit students with a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline. There are also BEng degrees that do not require a bachelor’s degree and may be abbreviated as BEngn, BHScEngn or BScEngn. Like an MBA degree, MScE degrees require at least a master’s degree in engineering. Again, the course type is country-specific.

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What is the advantage of an Engineering Degree?


  • The qualification in engineering and the related scientific, technological and management skills give one a lot of job opportunities.


  • Many of the career options that one can take are primarily dependent on the type of degree you have. Engineering graduates may have to work before they find suitable jobs. Online course builder  for A BTech degree serves as an excellent first step towards many different careers.


  • some courses are job-specific, which help get desired jobs quickly.


  • A degree in engineering is a stepping stone towards national and international education. Whether it is an MBA or MScE, there are many fields that an engineering degree can get your foot into.


  • The curriculum of an engineering degree imparts knowledge of principles, concepts and practical applications of science, technology and mathematics in applied fields.

How do you choose the best Engineering courses?

(i) Course Level 


Students are asked to select courses according to their fields of interest. The field of interest is determined by the university and course type selected. It is important to note that the course chosen doesn’t need to be in that field. But the options given, especially for those students who have passed class 12th, must be relevant to their choices.

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(ii) Course Type 


It is also essential for students to consider course types before selecting colleges for admission. There are different types of courses depending on whether it is a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

(iii) Institution 


When students choose engineering courses, they should also consider the institution. The institution’s reputation is essential as it determines how well one will perform in the course and how relevant it will be to one’s future career.

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